Multi-location checker - 66uptime plugin


This pack contains the script needed in order to run multi-location checks. This is a plugin for the 66uptime base product.


🛠️ Current version: v6 - 4 April, 2024

🤔 How does it work?

You will get a PHP script that can be installed on different servers, on multiple locations, and then used as a plugin for the 66uptime product.

📜 Documentation

All the required documentation about the plugin and how to use it is mentioned in the documentation.

📎 Policy

This item is a plugin, meant to be connected with the specified product above.

Once purchased (and/or) downloaded, refunds are not given out under any circumstance.

When you purchase it, you assume that you understand what the plugin does and the fact that you need to have the base product on working conditions and have the latest update of the main product.

For any kind of pre-sale questions, please get in touch at

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